Everything we are is Stardust, everything we need grows from the earth, everything we love is a seed that begins within.



Long ago I looked deep into the soul of human and found,

 we all suffer, 

we all love,

we all need shelter, heat, food, water and air,

for anyone to deny 

is foolish.


You have arrived here by serendipity, by choice, not by accident, and most certainly to make change. Welcome to your new journey and healing. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a very diverse medicine that includes needles (acupuncture), fire cupping, moxibustion (mugwort), estim (electrical muscle stimulation), gua sha (scar tissue), auricular (ear seeds/pts.), scalp, 5Element, intradermal, tuina (chinese massage), Infrared heat therapy, musculoskeletal manipulation and diagnostics, nutrition and food therapy, herbs both topical and internal.

What we treat: Patterns of imbalance, chronic and acute, fertility, menses, children and pregnant mothers, athletes and MSK injuries, arthritis and joints, tinnitus, headaches, stress, insomnia and so much more. What acupuncture can do for you, is increase immunity, bring balance within the internal environment so that it can be stronger to fight off external pathogens. It can regulate, increase blood and Qi flow to help improve the healing process. It is a wholistic and preventative medicine.

And I came to this medicine because of my own story of near to dying from a malaria infection that nearly killed me. When the Western Medicine world was chasing symptoms, things they didn’t have any idea of how to treat or find (like a 15,000 year old pathogen inhaled from lake sediments), what actually began to work was my meeting Dr. He in a Dinkytown TCM clinic, and trusting that by allowing my body to heal wholly, that I could become healthy again. I am here today because of my own experiences that inform how I can help you.

Come see me and lets begin this journey together!

Warmest wishes, Candace

About DaoQi/Services

DaoQi Acupuncture believes that we all pass through our life experiences so that we can become the teachers to help others in similar circumstances. We shall offer equally to every person without discrimination, full healing treatments. We also consider every treatment necessary of encompassing lifestyle changes, nutrition importance, daily practice and adding acupuncture to find a balance point within.

As a Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Acupuncture is just one part of the treatment that most people are familiar with. However I use cupping on the Back-Shu points first to diagnose things like blood, qi and the internal organs. Cupping can also treat pain and aches so it makes a nice opener with Tui na, chinese massage to warm up the body and neurological system. Other modalities I use are estim (electrodes connected to the needles), Moxa in raw, pole or direct on the skin in rice grain size gold moxa. A moxa box warming over the abdomen is often used for digestive and menses problems. I also use Gua Sha (which has recently gotten fame for facials) but in its true reality the meaning is to make the skin red (petechiae) to move blood, often felt as fatigue and chronic pain all over body. I also use heat therapy through heat paks including mugwort leaves, and TDP lamps. Topical liniments made in old martial arts style Dit Dat Jiao, treat bruising and aches and pains by moving blood and qi. There are many options we have as a Medicine Practitioner, and I will always include nutirition therapy an general well-being counsel.

DaoQi Acupuncture is a full service acupuncture clinic offering supportive modalities such as Daoist Qigong, Yoga, Self-Healing Technique Trainings, Nutrition and Community Ceremonies. I believe the idea of the doctor shall be more than someone to see with an ailment, but rather medicine moving towards a whole and preventative healthcare.

Services Offered

  • Acupuncture – Initial New Patient, 90 minutes*
  • Acupuncture – Focused Follow-Up, 60 minutes*
  • Auricular (ear seeds or needles) – 20-30 min
  • Distal Only (hands and feet) 45 min
  • Shonishin (children) & Acupressure (non-needle options), 30-90 minutes
  • Telemedicine – 45 min + mail to moxa, tacks, etc.
  • Tinctures and Herbs available
  • *may include fire cupping, moxa, estim, gua sha (jade scraping), tui na (chinese massage), chinese liniments and oils, direct moxa, heat therapy, scalp acupuncture.

Prices are $1 per min

Discounts are available for 3, 6 and 9 treatment packages. As well as a HealthCare Professional Incentive Discount for those working in a health service both clinic and education environments. Gift Certificates are available upon request.

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine work with the Western Medicine System. It is common for Medical Practitioners such as Doctors of Osteopathy, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Massage Therapists, Nutritionists, and Mental Health Practitioners to work adjunctly with acupuncturists and herbalists to make more efficient treatment of imbalance and disease. Most people seek out acupuncture for pain relief. Acute pain and injury can often be resolved in a few treatments, Chronic conditions took time to develop and it will take 4-6 treatments to see significant change.

In this clinic we offer traditional modalities of TCM as well as specialites:

  • Hand/Arm/Shoulder specialties: Dupuytrens, Carpal Tunnel, Arthritis, Tendonitis, De Quervains, Trigger Finger, tendonitis, inflammation.
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Muscle and joint syndromes
  • Pediatric and children’s Shonishin
  • Topical Herb tinctures and paste therapies
  • Foot Bath herbal therapies
  • TCM Emergency Medicine classes and trainings
  • Daoist Qigong and 5Element Yoga (Private Session)


San Fu Days 2024

The photos below show some ways Traditional Chinese Medicine used points on the body to bring in heat from various sources. Herbs have qualities and chemical properties that when applied to body induce heat. The sun warms the body, needles with mugwort and various herb balls can be lit and bring heat into the needle …