New Clinic Opens in Bisbee

Hello everyone, that last post was a year ago when I accepted the job as Licensed Acupuncturist at the VA Hospital in Detroit. I loved my patients and quickly had 200 patients within months. I started walk in group sessions twice a week which was a great relief to having to wait months for an appointment as some of the veterans could have acupuncture twice weekly without having to wait. The oldest patient was 98 and the youngest 22 all from various forms of military. Seasoned vets with agent orange poisoning, neuropathies, lung ailments from burn piles, leukemia, cancer, pregnancy, and alot of mental anguish. Unfortunately, all it takes is a bad administrator to change a good thing into a lost opportunity. I resigned from the VA and have returned to the NPS at Chiricahua National Monument as their PSAR Park Ranger. Emergency Trauma and Wilderness Medicine are some of the skills I have.

Coming back to Arizona has opened up the opportunity to open a clinic again in Bisbee. It has been challenging acquiring a healthy space, but it is now ready to be opened to offer appointments. Welcome Back to previous patients and Welcome to the New!

The clinic address is 48 Main Street, Bisbee, Az. Office #8. By Appointment Only on Tuesdays 12-7 and on Wednesday mornings. Times may shift to accommodate the new beginnings and to figure out the needs of the community.

You can make your appointments online here on this website. Be patient for a reply as for a few days of the week I am working remotely with no contact including phone or web.

Tinctures and Topicals are also for sale in the clinic. I currently have Hawthorn, Burdock Root, Gingko, Gingko + Red Panax Ginseng, Red Panax Ginseng, Pagoda Flower, Pleurisy Root, Reishi, Ashwaganda. Topicals include Castor oil and pagoda leaf, Wu Jiu (Iron Fist Liniment) and Evil Bone Water 2 oz Spray Bottle.

Please contact me with any and all of your questions and how I can be of service.

Really looking forward to seeing you all again.

Best Healing Wishes, Candace