San Fu Days 2024

The photos below show some ways Traditional Chinese Medicine used points on the body to bring in heat from various sources. Herbs have qualities and chemical properties that when applied to body induce heat. The sun warms the body, needles with mugwort and various herb balls can be lit and bring heat into the needle on various points. Glass cups create a vacuum when heat is applied by fire inside of the cup then placed onto the body. The tissue is sucked into the cup, pulling blood and fluids to that point to encourage movement of Qi and Blood as needed. Qigong poses generate heat internally while using the breath to move it throughout the organs, tissues, blood in the body.

The San Fu Days each year follow the Summer Solstice. The longest daylit day of the year, with the highest altitude of the sun on that day. In TCM, we use the highest peak, the longest warmth to treat winter diseases. Storing Yang for months ahead to reduce lung ailments like asthma, weak qi coughing, and phlegm generating by a cold damp body.

The Fu Days, Dog Days of Summer are 10 days apart for a succession of 3 or 4 treatments that fall on particular days during this time. For 2024 the Days are July 15 (16, or 17th), July 25 (26 or 27th), Aug 4 (5 or 6th) and Aug 14 (15 or 16th). On these days we can apply the traditional herbs that bring intense heat and blister using only the herbs on the points. We can also use medicinal herbs without the blistering as a treatment as well. Herbs like ginger are normally warm and used as effectively when drinking as tea. Except the herbs placed on specific points act as medicine for those internal organs when placed on the Bladder points, the Foot TaiYang points of the body which is paired with the Kidney the Foot ShaoYin Channel of body. Balancing Yin and Yang. Treating disease is about balancing, restoring the bodies natural balance brings greater resilience and immunity to heal.

On these dates this year Tuesday July 16, July 23, Aug 6 and Aug 13 I will be offering San Fu treatments alone or with your acupuncture appointment.

Even if you do not have any ailments, the treatments will boost immunity to drive away colds and flus during the winter months.

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