You have arrived here by serendipity, by choice, not by accident, and most certainly to make change. Welcome to your new journey and healing. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a very diverse medicine that includes needles (acupuncture), fire cupping, moxibustion (mugwort), estim (electrical muscle stimulation), gua sha (scar tissue), auricular (ear seeds/pts.), scalp, 5Element, intradermal, tuina (chinese massage), Infrared heat therapy, musculoskeletal manipulation and diagnostics, nutrition and food therapy, herbs both topical and internal.

What we treat: Patterns of imbalance, chronic and acute, fertility, menses, children and pregnant mothers, athletes and MSK injuries, arthritis and joints, tinnitus, headaches, stress, insomnia and so much more. What acupuncture can do for you, is increase immunity, bring balance within the internal environment so that it can be stronger to fight off external pathogens. It can regulate, increase blood and Qi flow to help improve the healing process. It is a wholistic and preventative medicine.

And I came to this medicine because of my own story of near to dying from a malaria infection that nearly killed me. When the Western Medicine world was chasing symptoms, things they didn’t have any idea of how to treat or find (like a 15,000 year old pathogen inhaled from lake sediments), what actually began to work was my meeting Dr. He in a Dinkytown TCM clinic, and trusting that by allowing my body to heal wholly, that I could become healthy again. I am here today because of my own experiences that inform how I can help you.

Come see me and lets begin this journey together!

Warmest wishes, Candace