Thanks to the great patients that I get to help in this world.

A time ago, I used to fight to save the trees. I am still fighting to save the trees, but I realized that confrontation gets one no where, trying to talk about and teach about trees, goes little where, but if you can help to heal a human heart, they may feel and love the trees again. That is my mission, love.

Dr. Gossen helped me very much to heal from an injury on my left ankle.  My ankle was swollen, with pain.  Dr. Gossen is caring, knowledgeable, and effective.  My ankle is doing good after 3 treatments. I continue to see her for overall wellness.  I highly recommend her healing services.” …..Cecilia, Bisbee, Az.

I met Candace at the Farmer’s Market in Bisbee and decided I would see if she could help treat my injured achilles. I found her to be very knowledgeable, confident and professional. Her treatments included acupuncture, ear seeding, massage therapy and cupping. My achilles issue started to improve. I most definitely will continue to see her. Highly recommended!…… Ed, Bisbee, Az.

OK, but don’t tell them too much, make ’em want to see the spirit….. Al, SJI

Never can tell. People are afraid. “Go deep”, you will see it…. Al, SJI

One of her strongest gifts is perservering when her world was constantly kicking her down. As a warrior she used to fight by being an activist trying to save the trees, by finding alternatives in architecture and building houses with nature, but realized that it is the injury of the heart of the humans that cause the destruction. She has stated that now she hopes to heal the heart of the human so that they can find their way to loving the trees again. Compassion lies in the heart and beginning with compassion for oneself is the strongest beginning. This is the Fierce Medicine we teach….. Ana, FYT

I find Candace to posses a keen sense of kinesthetic knowing. She has used this not only to inform me as we have worked together, but also with her own students as a yoga and Qi Gong teacher, blending Chinese medicine theory with her own physical and spiritual practices to enhance the potency of her work. I also see Candace’s background in environmental science, years of travel and spiritual seeking, plus yoga and Qi Gong training, as a wonderful backdrop and fertile ground for further study in the arts and theory of Chinese medicine. I believe Candace will be an outstanding practitioner, having learned through her own body and practicing with a wise and open heart…… Colleen, Portland, Oregon


Candace creates a calming environment and then knows just where to place the needles after her quick but thorough evaluation. She could pinpoint my problem areas just by tongue diagnosis and pulse reading. I went to her 4x over a very stressful few months and she never failed to allay my anxiety and liver stagnation symptoms. She spent so much time with me to get to the root of my issues. She is a wonderful acupuncturist as she cares about her clients….. Rose H., Bisbee, Az.


I feel lucky to have found Daoqi Acupuncture. I went for a back injury and was also helped with a couple of other chronic issue. Candace is thorough, checking in prior to next session to plan that treatment also giving other helpful information for you condition….Diane, Bisbee, Az.


My neighbor stumbled on to this business at the Farmers Market in Bisbee, Arizona. He got her card. I couldn’t hold my head up with out using my hands to hold it. She got me in the first of the week. After the appointment I was drained. The wonderful thing is I could hold it up myself no hands. I had made a second appointment. The night before I list power in my home. So I got very cold. Worst possible thing. As far as my neck. Putting me back to square one. After second I’m very drained. In pain but a different pain. I do understand its a pain that’s repairing the tendons. I highly recommend this business. You owe your self the best possible healing option…..Debbie, F., Naco, Az.


Thank you, Candace, for my wonderful, thoughtful treatment. My arm is better and your skillful, wholesome approach to healing is amazing. I will definitely visit again. Very nice! Brian U., Huachuca City, Az.